Co-Creating Intentional Futures

You are successful. Yet on the inside you wonder.
Will you get found out?  What’s next?  Is this it?

Powerful Conversations with Visionary Leaders

You are successful.  You wake up every day excited to see your team, build your business, speak to others to get the best out of them.

You know that by helping others gives you a more meaningful life. That success takes effort.

Are you building a better, and intentional future?

Can you imagine your future – the future?

Can you create it easily?

Are you building it in all aspects of your life?

Does your leadership make a difference in people’s lives?

Do you wake up each day knowing that life is pretty awesome right now?

Or, is your life and future like this?

Life is good. You’ve worked hard, achieved great things, and yet.

Ah yes, that yet. You feel like something’s missing.

You are working hard to maintain your top performer status, and it’s taking more effort than before.

You are operating below the capacity you once had, and you’re worrying that someone will notice.

You’re frustrated with your team because they just aren’t getting it.

Everything is taking longer. Your expectation is creeping up.

And you have a dream, a mission, a vision, a sense that you want a better future.

Are you ready to co-create your future and see what’s possible?

Personal Coaching

aka Leadership Whisperer

These powerful 1-1 conversations help you on two levels:

1) helping you to navigate your challenges (now)

2) helping you to create the future you want (long-game)

People & Talent Consultancy

I work alongside your people and talent teams, or in place of (if you are a start-up/scale-up) on a fractional or interim basis.

Specialisms: Talent Strategy, Leadership Programmes, Career Projects, Psychometrics.

Talks & Workshops

A range of talks and workshops available.

Information coming soon.​

Client Impact

I know now what is important to me and how this impacts my future. This includes being true to what is authentically me, what motivates me, and what gives me joy and pleasure! This has helped me to build a future that I feel positive about and energized by!
Senior Communications Leader
What I now know is that I am happy and confident in my skin, and I am in a good place. I am using the skills I have learnt, techniques of past leaders, and being myself in my leadership to have an impact. Both for myself but for those around me. It’s not perfect, and I have learnt it never will be. I am not pretending to be a CEO or trying to be the best, I am doing me and doing my best. This is huge for someone who regularly suffered / suffers from imposter syndrome.
Chief Officer
I now have a deeper understanding of my personal values, career aspirations and ambitions for my personal development. The introspection required during this process has allowed me to realise the relationships between my passions, motivations and values, which were previously conceptual topics that I had not previously explored with a Coach in this way. Additionally, I now recognise the effectiveness of visualisation as a technique for unpacking complex concepts.
Masters Student

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