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I Coach. Lead. Speak. Write.


As your coach, I support global executives, leaders and tech professionals; quietly ambitious overthinkers who want more and better. 

These powerful conversations offer you a space to transform your future into one you want and love. 


As your advisor and fractional leader, I support STEM organisations and leaders who have a challenge on skills, talent and people. 

With extensive experience in change and scale-ups, I support you or your teams to success.


What Kind of Future?


Conversations with Quiet Leaders.

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Is there a way you can learn more about people – what they want and need or what they say and do?

Do you teams and peers understand what you are communicating?

How can you connect by understanding what you are saying?

This talk will help you understand how your words can be interpreted, how you pay attention, ask better questions and create more self-awareness to get the best out of your conversations.

Ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you consume’ regarding what you eat? This also applies to what you do daily. People know what they have to do but when you understand what it is that feeds and eats your energy, it will help you prioritise and refuel more proactively.

In this talk you will learn a model that you can use to reboot your energy.

Many people struggle to identify why their achievements matter let alone what they have achieved in that year or life!

The aim of this workshop is to help you identify your achievements, your value, and what makes you successful in what you do. Ultimately it is about more than your achievements. You will need to dig deep and go back to shift forwards. Understanding your achievements will help you design your future and what you would like to do next.

You’ll receive a workbook and a model that can help you in your performance reviews, CVs, interviews and even your elevator pitch.

Enhance your leadership through coaching. Can be delivered as a workshop or through 1-1 coaching.


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"I learned to trust myself again, which has been invaluable both professionally and personally."
Senior Manager, Software Engineering
"Highly effective allowing me to let go of my over-analytical side and inner critic to gain clarity on my long-term vision."
Deep Tech Analyst
"I am not pretending to be a CEO or trying to be the best, I am doing me and doing my best. This is huge for someone who regularly suffered / suffers from imposter syndrome."
"I do not need validation from others; neither do I need to ‘fix things’ for people. "
Leadership Consultant

Why I want everyone to Build an Intentional Future

It Matters

I want you to know that it's possible to build a future you actually want. One that has a positive impact on you, your teams, your family, and future generations. By tapping into what we really want and need, by being conscious and purposeful, we are happier, at our best, and make a positive impact in, and on our world. And ultimately I believe through this we can save humanity.

About me

  • Working with me is an open and trusted partnership.
  • Three values I hold close: Integrity. Trust. Freedom. 
  • We work together on whatever future it is that you want to create and be.
  • Contrary to what you think, you don’t need to fix things. We’ll work on tapping into your skills, experience and how you think and feel.
  • We’ll work on stretching the boundaries of what you think and feel is possible.
  • You will be inspired to motivate and enable those around you to be inspired and make the changes too – the ripple effect.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Over 20 years experience in leading, developing and coaching people.
  • Significant experience in People and Talent Leadership and Business in STEM industries.
  • Experienced in Clean Language and developed own tools and ways of working.
  • Certified Coach in ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Myers Briggs Step I & II Practitioner, Saville, TKI, SHL, OPQ, Mental Fitness.



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