Here are 33 pieces of counterintuitive advice designed to get your thinking. Some I’ve been using with clients, others are new. What are your pieces of counterintuitive advice?

  1. If you feel comfortable in your role, you’re not growing.
  2. Being busy is an addiction. Ask why you’re busy.
  3. What you fear is the key to your success.
  4. Where you place your energy is your focus. Check in on that.
  5. If you’ve never personally invested more in learning and growing, how can you ask your team to do the same?
  6. Do something you feel called to do, rather than what you think you should.
  7. A proposal shouldn’t be what you want to do, it should be a summary of your conversation.
  8. What you want and what you need are two very different things.
  9. Success can make you lonely, be prepared for that.
  10. High performers aren’t afraid of growth, they’re afraid of not achieving growth.
  11. Creating is easier than sustaining.
  12. Before you say yes, stop and breathe.
  13. Slowing down your mind gives space for more creativity.
  14. Other people like you have bigger problems and bigger dreams.
  15. If you find yourself nodding in agreement to everything your peers or group say, find someone who will challenge your thinking.
  16. Feeling like an imposter is an indicator that you’re growing.
  17. Confidence happens after the very first step.
  18. There’s no such thing as balance. Ask yourself where your energy is going, and why.
  19. Your brand isn’t what you say, it’s how you feel when you’ve said it. Does it fill you will excitement and energy? Or does it fill you with dread and lies?
  20. In a world of chaos, anchor yourself to your vision – your big dream.
  21. Stay on your path but take note of the nudges along the way. You can change course.
  22. People will tell you what they think you want to hear. You’re not a pet.
  23. What you want to hear is what you say. That’s where you’ll see the truth.
  24. Uncomfortable with praise and celebration? Say thank you. Then ask yourself, why you don’t feel like celebrating.
  25. Life. Work. Business. They have a commonality – you. Don’t wish to blur the lines? Find something you love in each and do that instead.
  26. Before you tell yourself it’s not possible or too difficult, notice it and get creative.
  27. Humans are innate survivors. Watch our for your survival mode and switch it back to creator mode.
  28. Growth is hard. Nurture it as nature would. Sometimes it won’t work, and often it will.
  29. Working harder doesn’t make you smarter. In a 247 online world where productivity is dipping and work is becoming faster, do the opposite and slow down.
  30. Regular short breaks outside is time well spent.
  31. Change is continuous not a one-off event.
  32. To create sustainable change, help people to see and feel the opportunity.
  33. Nothing is certain in life until you say it is.

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