I help brilliant people
build brilliant futures

Here's what Most people know about me

Juliet is co-founder of Open Square Ltd, an award winning boutique leadership and agile consultancy), an impactful coach, a people and talent expert, and avid champion of possibilities. She has won multiple awards as a coach, co-founder, leader including the innovative talent solutions built with specialist and technical organisations.

With a diverse and rich background in business and people, spanning retail, corporate research, corporate strategy, digital, education, and tech, Juliet understands change, uncertainty and rapid growth and this is where she thrives.

Juliet has lived in Europe and the UK, and worked globally and from anywhere before it became a thing.

Her big mission is to help build a million futures, consciously and with purpose, that will ultimately shape humanity and leave a positive impact on this world. 

Juliet partners with high growth organisations, leaders, chiefs, and STEM professionals. She volunteers as Chair- for the CIPD The Branch of Wessex, is a mentor, a speaker for careers support for schools, and a STEM ambassador.

Here's the Real Life Bio

I’m Juliet. 

I’ve built amazing teams and I’ve had to let them go. I’ve delivered difficult messages. I’ve scaled and downsized organisations.

I’ve worked with leaders who have run, or are running away from their work and businesses. Uncertain of what to do next.

Leaders who are unable to see the potential in themselves. Leaders, who believe that by putting others first they can forget about themselves. Who give everything to their job or team. And some who have been through personal challenges.  You wouldn’t see this though, because on the outside they are successful, professional, high-performing, and inspiring.

This leads to how lonely it is being the expert, the listener, the problem-solver, and the solution-finder.  Because when you can do something that seems so effortless, it’s like waving a magic wand. 

I know this, because this was also me.

I’ve been privy to the secret dreams and thoughts of leaders, and what they really think. 

I love the power of a transformational and insightful conversation and the possibilities that the future brings if we take action.

I see what most people cannot see. I’m an introvert whose learned how to make an impact, speak, present, lead and manage my energy. I’m deeply curious – believing in the possibilities, a sense maker, a dot-connector and an intentional futurist. I passionately believe to change the world and the future, it starts with humanity – us.