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Gain clarity on who you are and the value of your achievements

Einstein said ‘the value of achievement lives in the achieving’ yet most of us don’t know how to talk about achievements let alone the true value of what we bring to the table.

Consider these three scenarios:

1. Take your job title and look around with people who have exactly the same job title. They may be undertaking the same activities, but are they really doing exactly the same things as you? Do they have the same approach? What does it mean to them to achieve that goal? Do you know what value you bring to the table?

2. Most of us have goals given to us to drive an organisations goal. Year-end reviews come around and you are struggling to recognise what value you really added to your goal. How do you showcase what you have achieved?

3. You are at a crossroads in your career. You have given yourself relentlessly to your clients, your teams, your organisation, so how do you know what to do next?

These are all scenarios my clients have found themselves in. Just imagine if you LOVED telling people who you are, helping your teams do the same thing, and understand what makes you ‘you’ and them ‘them’?

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Nice to meet you, I’m Juliet

Working together to understand your story. What you do that helps you understand what your uniqueness is. You will have complete guidance and support from me throughout all processes.

I have always loved exploring potential and possibilities, and I’m really passionate about helping others identify what they bring to the table and truly understand and believe in what they have achieved.

Learn from previous clients & hear what they say about this programme

"Thank you very much for your help in our first session. You pulled out some really key points for me to think about and made some very perceptive observations which I found very helpful."
"I feel much more confident about my CV"
"Your coaching sessions helped me change my focus."
"Our last session absolutely transformed my approach to it. The way you played back to me what I’m doing and achieving was so much better than any way I’d have thought to represent it myself… So appreciative thank you!"
"Feedback from my line manager was amazing. He said it was the best review of my performance I had made. Thank you!"
Juliet’s framework was just what I needed! Juliet is a calm and thoughtful coach, and her process enabled me to remove emotion and look at my career history objectively, laying out the facts and reframing some of the negative feelings I had. I gained clarity around my plans for the future and felt better equipped to talk confidently about my expertise.

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