Executive Coach to senior leaders, tech professionals, and high achievers

I help you build a future you want.  The one that is fully aligned with your heart and soul. 

A future that has impact. Moving beyond the treadmill, the uncertainty, the self-doubt to purpose, intention and ultimately a future that matters to you.

I use a variety of tools including clean language, your current and future landscape design, and metaphors. Most importantly I bring my 30 years experience of successful leadership and coaching, that underpins my intuition. 

Together we co-create your future, expand the possibilities, and help you take conscious and purposeful action.

Coaching Impact

I’ve helped my clients achieve phenomenal and transformative results:
  • A tech VP was able to work out what he wanted next in his career, how to get it and achieve his promotion, overcoming self-doubt. 
  • A co-founder overcame overwhelm and anxiety to achieve a life he wanted.
  • An IT leader identified how he worked through challenging relationships at work.
  • A marketing leader identified and established a new business.
  • A leader increased their salary by £35k.
  • A tech professional who discovered what helps them thrive, positioned this to a new employer and got the job.

And more.

I am here to help you build an intentional future.  One where you thrive and create a positive impact on you and your life, work and business.

Your Personal Leadership Whisperer

A transformative journey to the future you really want. You commit to working on your leadership for a minimum of three months. We'll identify what you want your future to be and we'll co-create the steps along the way. I describe this as two tracks. One for the long term, the other for the short term.
Typical investment from £4,000.

Your Trusted Advisor

Designed with your leadership in mind. This 12-month coaching partnership, where you have me as your leadership whisperer, that may include: shadowing your team meetings, feedback, coaching, quarterly strategy sessions, 360, all to create your positive impact and build your future, your teams, and your organisation.
Typical investment from £15,000.

Working with me

I thrive in change, challenge and uncertainty by seeing the possibilities and being able to connect the dots. This enables me to help you dream big, explore what else, and help you get there.

I have high emotional intelligence, am highly intuitive, significant experience working with people in fast-paced, agile and complex STEM environments, I’m adept of seeing what most people cannot see. I have extensive experience in digital, tech and specialised industries and get that pace of change.

You can read more about me here.

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