Looking for highly personalised coaching and support in a confidential space? You’ve found it.

We’ll turn your chaos and uncertainty to being calmer and clearer about your future. 

Juliet Morris

Make Sense. Make Progress. Make Waves.

People who work with me share these qualities:

You’re a great leader

of yourself, your family, your teams and your business. 

This also means you think of others before yourself. Particularly when the job needs to get done.


You are successful

and inspire those around you.  

You look together and people admire you. Yet inside, you’re not totally happy.

You love to problem solve and fix stuff

And you’re good at it. Connecting people and things. You jump in and get it done. But it drains you and it keeps you from getting to the right work that fuels your energy and your bank account.

You spin plates

and you’re secretly terrified of dropping one and letting people down. You have started to lose yourself and it’s stressful.

You’ve read all the books

YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, done the courses and talked to friends and mentors. And yet, the dissatisfaction you have still plays on your mind.

You hate asking for help

And the level of dissatisfaction and frustrating that you feel, you can’t seem to solve on your own.

…and the real kicker?

What you get on your coaching journey with me
  • Someone in your corner who is an open, straightforward confidente
  • Someone who will challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs by offering new perspectives
  • Someone who will ask you powerful questions to get to the root of what’s going on
  • Space for you to unpack the behaviours and habits that lead to stress, overwhelm, and overwork
  • A deeper understanding to you and your place in the world
  • A clearer future landscape of where you want to be

Coaching Impact

I’ve helped my clients achieve phenomenal and transformative results:
  • A tech VP was able to work out what he wanted next in his career, how to get it and achieve his promotion, overcoming self-doubt. 
  • A co-founder went from overwhelm and anxiety to achieve a life he wanted.
  • An IT leader identified how he worked through challenging relationships at work which transformed how he showed up at work. Less anxiety, more impact.
  • A marketing leader identified and established a new business.
  • A leader increased their salary by £35k.
  • A tech professional who discovered what helps them thrive, positioned this to a new employer and got the job.

And more.

Coaching Options

Of course you want to know what the investment will be. Well we design it to what works best for you. 

We start here:

Book a call. We’ll chat and if we both think we can work together, we’ll organise a complimentary powerful coaching conversation. It’s important to me that this happens, then if it’s a YES we’re both in, we will discuss what’s next.

An example of Option 1

Three months where we’ll unpack the future you want to be in and where you are right now. You’ll tap into your experience and intuition (my take on EI) and remember how powerful you are. Right now, you’re frustrated, stuck, stressed and you don’t believe you deserve what you have or can have what you want. I’ll help you identify what you want and take small steps in that direction.

An example of Option 2 for those serious about transforming your future

A customised transformational journey from 6-12 months guiding you to where you want to be in your future, what’s getting in the way, and open up the possibilities – creating a future that is sustainable for you.  

You will feel and think:

  • With more clarity and confidence. You will understand your motivations and be clear about the choices you make.
  • And be at peace. You’ll understand and embrace your own spirit. What drives you, what your wisdom is, so that you are happier in who you are and what you do.
  • Intention and action. I’ll help you lead with intention so you can take the tiniest steps that will move you in the direction of your dream – the future you want to create.
Designing your experience:

We design your coaching programme with where you are now and where you want to be. This might include mental fitness, clean language, shadowing, mentoring, feedback, bringing your team together, talent advisory, for example. These are all what makes me different from other coaches but more importantly helps you create an impact.

Other options:

If we’ve worked together before and you only want to pay for coaching sessions when you want it, this an be arranged. 

Or if you want a mix of consulting (people scale up, growth, talent acquisition, development, psychometrics or mental fitness) and coaching, we can discuss that too.

It doesn’t matter to me how we work together, only how we can create the kind of future you want to be.

When you’re ready to build the kind of future you actually want, let’s have a chat.

Interested in talking?

If you’re interested in talking with me about coaching, sign up for a complimentary, no obligation chat.