If like me, you’ve spent some time fossiling, you may have come across fool’s gold, otherwise known as pyrite. It’s a mineral found in rocks and looks like gold, but it is not a valuable metal. Last year, we found some superb examples of pyrite on washed up driftwood. For a split second, as it’s glistening in the sunshine, my son and I got a little bit excited!

Fool’s gold also means something that you think will be very pleasant or successful but is not (source: Cambridge Dictionary).

We are told in our lives to focus AND multi-task. Yet distractions are like fool’s gold.

Matthew, a former client, was exhausted. The organisation was nearing the end of another transformation. And he said to me, the grass is greener isn’t it.

Is it?

No. The grass is greener if you see it as greener. You may enter a space where you can start again and make an impact, but does it mean it’s greener?

No, it’s not greener. You have no distractions and clear laser focus.

Being surrounded by distractions where your mind starts to chase them, causes tension. Matthew felt he had to do more and continue helping everyone around him, which was leading to lower performance, stress, and exhaustion.

We got to work on focus. Focussing on what was important and identifying the distractions.

No context switching. Time for activities. Time for himself and his familiy.

It was an experiment and terrifying for Matthew.

Alongside that we built a longer-term track. To focus on what he ultimately wanted to do in his career and how he wanted to show up personally and professionally.

Matthew found his time through the change and organisation more enjoyable, and he started to work on what he truly wanted. He’s recently joined an organisation that he was rejected for last year and is loving his work AND his life.

He had found his sweet spot – his flow.

No distractions. He focussed on what was important and ensured he spent specific time doing that.

I make it sound simple – it can be but it does take conscious effort and intention.

There are lots of studies that tell you the brain does not like to multi-task and research into flow, mental fitness, and the ability to rewire/refocus your brain and bring creativity into your life, creates higher performance and happiness.

You will feel better.
You will think better.
You will sleep better.
You will be happier to live with.
You will be more focussed.
You will be releasing all those happy hormones in your body and your brain.
You will be a high performer.

Before you proceed with this exercise, it is not for those who love safety and comfort. Nor for those who do not challenge themselves. And it’s not for those people who do not have vision.

This is for people who have a deep inner drive and who like to learn and take action. People who understand what it is to invest in themselves. And the more you challenge and evolve, the more addictive it becomes – and that’s why people continually back themselves. To stretch the boundaries of learning, of being and of living. The digger you deep, the more you unfold your talents and live a happier life.


Take 5 minutes.

Use either the image of green grass or if you have carpet or lawn – try this in real time.

Imagine the lush green grass under your feet.
Move your toes and feel the sensation of each strand.
Notice how it feels.
Notice the texture.
Notice the temperature.

To feel happier and become the high performer you are:

1. Instead of looking for green grass, nurture the grass under your feet. Bring it with you in every step you take.
2. Rather than needing more time, make more out of less – your sweet spot.
3. Enjoy intrinsic fulfilment now. Stop seeking external validation.

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