I am what I choose to become

I smiled yesterday when my son and I walked into this shop.

Our first reaction was WOW!

The colours were incredible – what you cannot see in this picture was the whole shop filled with Christmas gifts – baubles, bears, shapes and boxes of chocolate.

But it was the colours. And the shiny paper.

And then my son went, let’s go. We were off. And I was glad. Because the longer we stood there, it felt a little too much.

As a visionary, I see potential in everything. And ideas. So many ideas.

For my work it’s easy to focus and decide on the best course of action, because the action is influenced by the people and businesses I work with – I connect the dots and put the shapes together.

Personally, I sometimes feel like being in this shop. Full of possibilities, and I try to do all of them. And fail at most.

It’s why I have a number of coaches in my life. Not to focus, but to shape the future and do the work that makes me happy. And that means I am continuously challenging and training my brain and I keep these words close – I am what I choose to become.

The truth is that you have it all. You get to choose how to play and what to become by shaping the way you think and connect your head with your heart.

What do you choose to become?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Photo: by me