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The Intentional Futurist (I.F.) Collective is a community of people dedicated to shaping a positive and purposeful future. It’s a gathering place for forward-thinking individuals who believe in the power of intentionality to influence and shape the future we desire.

At I.F. Collective, we are not just spectators of the future; we are active architects, artisans, and advocates for a better tomorrow. Our community is a diverse and inclusive space that brings together individuals from various backgrounds, industries, and perspectives, united by a shared passion for shaping a future, consciously and with purpose.


I.F. Collective Values

These values form the foundation of the Intentional Futurist community, guiding us in our individual and collective efforts to shape a future that reflects our shared ideals and aspirations.

Courageous Exploration

We encourage members to explore bold and innovative ideas. We recognise that the pursuit of a positive future may require taking risks, and we support each other in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.


We believe in purposeful action and decision-making. Every step we take, individually and collectively, is deliberate and aligned with our vision for a positive future.

Open Leadership

Open leadership emphasises transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, and accountability. It's about leaders being open, accessible, and responsive to the ideas and concerns of others.

Key Benefits

Participate in thought-provoking conversations with fellow I.Fs. Share your intention for the future you want to create and shape.

From emerging technologies and sustainable practices to social innovation and cultural shifts, we’ll explore what this means for you, and why it matters.

The I.F. Collective serves as a collaborative hub where members can share resources and/or work together on initiatives that have a real impact and build a positive future. 

We’ll champion you, stretch the boundaries of possibility, and support you along the way.

Share your insights and learn from others.

Whether you’re an expert in a particular field or eager to absorb new ideas, our community fosters a culture of knowledge exchange that empowers every member to contribute to the collective intelligence.

What is an Intentional Futurist?

An “intentional futurist” can be interpreted in different ways. Here, it refers to someone who actively and consciously engages in shaping or influencing the future through purposeful actions, planning, and foresight.

Do you identify with these?

  1. Future Planning: You enjoy and/or specialise in looking towards the future and being able to see possibilities in everything. Some may call it experience, I call it experience + intuition (e + i).  You may describe this as dreaming or wild ideas. I don’t. I see it as potential to what could be. You might use external sources and data for validation, but you’ll also use your data to navigate and shape the future intentionally. This shows up as helping and caring about others, delivering the unexpected, coming up with clear ideas or a plan.

  2. Advocate for Conscious Decision-Making: You either encourage others or want to make informed decisions about their future. This might involve promoting a mindset of thoughtful consideration of the long-term consequences of our actions. It might be that you realise that the future could be better in some way in various aspects of life, including career choices, lifestyle and business decisions, and impact on humanity.

  3. BE Intentional with your choices, decisions, and impact: Perhaps something has changed, perhaps you want to DO good, and you know it starts with people. Not only technology but people. 

This community is about being an intentional futurist. For people who does not  want to passively accept the future as something that happens to them but to actively participate in shaping it through purposeful choices, planning, and action. 

The term Intentional Futurist embodies the idea that the future can be influenced by your choices, actions, and impact you take right now.

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Dedication and commitment that you want to build a better future, whatever that means for you.
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The future is not a place we are going to or where we sit idly by and let it happen to us. It's a place to create and build the future. Our future.

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Group coaching and peer support.
You'll be championed and positively challenged with your thoughts to help you think bigger and broader, to achieve your future ambitions.

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