Conversations with Quiet Leaders

This podcast started as a research project, as I was curious to find other people like me. Encouraged to share the conversations, the podcast was born. 

I talk about quiet leadership with leaders across the globe.  Introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts from all industries. Join me and hear how they have navigated this busy, noisy, and changeable world we live in. Be inspired by the stories of people who have found success ‘quietly’ and how they have encountered and worked very different leaders.

Since training in delivering Myers-Briggs Step I and II many years ago, I’ve became very self aware that I gather my energy from my own personal space. This help me to manage my days and weeks in the world of people.

I’ve always been curious as to whether my success and intuition has been down to being a quiet leader. I love to connect – talented people, dots, possibilities.  And I have discovered that much of this is because of the attributes of quiet leadership.

Season 3 takes me on a discovery in leaders are shaping their futures, and beyond.


p.s. if you are curious to your MBTI, book a call.