Navigating the in-between

How are you managing the in-between period?

In-betweens happen more often than we think, and this in-between Christmas and New Year is a time you may find some quiet time, a space of not knowing what to do, or where you want to try and grab 5 minutes to yourself. Particularly when you feel like you desperately need some quiet time (yep, that’s me right now).

The in-betweens are important.

We’ve heard many times that people have their best thoughts and ideas when in the shower or on a walk.

These are in-betweens.

When you are running between meetings or calls, these in-betweens are lost in the vortex of time. And time is the most precious resource we all have.

This holiday period, wherever you are, if you find yourself drawn to social media or to do something, I invite you to sit with your in-between.

That period of inviting space with no expectations, boundaries, or agreements. A space where you can be.

I was going to share a few questions to embrace the space and the questions between now and the future, and how you can use it to consider what that means. However, I spent 4 hours of my in-between space which led to a set of questions and a planner for 2023. Space also = creativity and focus.

You can download your free copy here and fill it in electronically.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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