Ready to Shape Your Future?

1:1 Coaching

You are a smart and successful leader or founder. 

You know your stuff. You are an expert in what you do.

You have a question and committed to shaping your future. 

Let’s discover what’s next for you in life, work and business.

Mental Fitness

A bespoke 9-week programme to improve your performance, productivity and happiness.

You will start to identify what blockers get in your way and practice techniques to help you move towards a known and intentional response.


– Coming Soon – 

Work with a tool to help you define your achievements and be able to talk about them confidently.

You will understand your skills – who you are – and the value you bring to your work and business.


Are you looking for strategic people and talent support?

As a trusted advisor, Juliet has hired thousands of experts, built award-winning brands, teams and delivered leadership programmes within high growth, changeable and scaling organisations, SME’s and blue-chip global organisations.

Using a combination of assessments, coaching, mentoring, consultancy and facilitation, this is a bespoke partnership to help develop your leadership, teams and business.

We’ll work on developing what you want balanced with what you need, so that you shape the life that embraces and sustains those elements. 

The result is courageous transformation.

Courageous because you are starting to shape the life YOU want – for yourself, your teams, your business, your life.

Transformation because you will start to shift quickly and the positive ripples happen immediately. 

With the exception of specific programmes and assessments, all of my coaching and consulting partnerships are customised to you.

Are you ready to liberate your dreams and start shaping your future?

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