An immersive training and coaching experience will help you lead yourself and your teams to live a more courageous life and shape their future. Juliet will teach you how to listen with all of your senses, get out of your own head, how to master the true art of listening, and map out what a future means for you by defining your values,  and handle your limiting beliefs.


If you want something to change in your life, your leadership or your business, make a courageous choice and take a chance on what you know.

What does courageous mean to you?

Here we will explore and help you Shape Your Future, courageously.


Your mind contains all the thoughts that’s stopping you from getting to where you want to be. 

Liberate is freedom, courage and confidence.  What you think and feel. What you say. What you do.


Do you want to be more courageous or be even more courageous than you have been?

Do you want to uplevel your thinking and feeling?


The key to change is to understand and connect the dots. 

What you think is what you create. Connecting is also about connecting your heart with your head, particularly if you are a logical, overthinker. When you do this, you can unleash your impact.

Do you want to understand how to recognise your courageous edge?

Do you want to tap into all your senses to broaden your edge?


Sustainable leadership means improving your life so that you can improve the lives of others.

Sustain the life, work and business you are in now, to shape your future, and your leadership.


Do you want to build small, incremental steps to be able to grow your courageousness?

How will you know your are being courageous?

Are any of these familiar to you?

  • My head says this, but something feels amiss.
  • I listen all the time but I’m missing something.
  • I don’t feel heard.
  • Trust needs to be earned.
  • I don’t like to think about being courageous.
  • I’m avoiding that conversation.
  • I unconsciously avoid things.
  • I keep changing my mind, every single day.
  • I’m courageous at home but not at work.
  • I have a secret dream, a vision, of how I want my life to look, but …
  • I secretly think that being courageous is too outspoken and bold.

Here’s my approach to courageous:

As Ichiro Kishimi said in  The Courage to Be Disliked, “A healthy feeling of inferiority is not something that comes from comparing oneself to others; it comes from one’s comparision with one’s ideal self”.

On my new programme, Courageous, you will:

  • Map out what your future means for you – by defining your top 3 values.
  • Begin being courageous.
  • Take a step towards shaping your future.
  • Fear-less by leveraging your time and energy.
  • Understand your courageous, and why it matters, to you.
  • Learn or relearn to trust yourself.

Join us for Courageous.
9-weeks to listen by liberating, connecting and sustaining your future.

I learned that courage changes throughout your life, that it’s about being true to yourself and not beholden to someone else’s dream. It’s collective. It’s self-empowering. It’s a journey. One step at a time and a place to come from. And I teach my clients to do the same.

Join me on an immersion training to help live more courageously, even when you experience your own self-doubt.

Join me on an immersive 9 weeks to help you lead your future more courageously.

This is a LIVE teaching. coaching and integration experience on Zoom beginning Wednesday 25th January 2023 for 9-weeks.

All calls are 60 minutes and take place at 1pm GMT.

You will have access to your call recordings, so you can refer back to them for additional learning and insight.