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How to Change the World

What would happen to the world if you were happier and free from stress, anxiety, negativity and uncertainty? I have spent the last 25 years helping others to get to where they want to be. I’ve spent the last 5 years helping others make an impact. I’ve spent the last year purely focussed on helping people to build a future they want. What’s the difference?

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The Echo Chamber

Do you remember the time when you were trying to solve a problem and the more you stared at the page, the harder it was. It’s often a case of being too close to something to be able to see it. And then that problem happens again, and in your mind, it’s you that has a problem. You mention it to your manager, you might

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The No. 1 Agreement for 2024

Is to invest in you. Sounds really simple, right? I hear you say, but that sounds so crazy, of course I invest in myself! Do you? Do you agree to do that every day? Do you manage your time or manage your energy and focus? A few years ago, a former mentor introduced the concept of a personal agreement. Now it’s something I have for

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You have the opportunity.

So why is it there are moments you hold back, you hesitate, you doubt yourself, and underestimate the impact you make? I have a theory that it’s because we expect three things: 1. That things will stay brilliant all – of – the – time.2. That everything we know – who and what – will serve us forever.3. That we expect things to happen instantly.

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lioness roaring


Roar // On my walk to facilitate a meeting, I came across this war memorial. A truly majestic statue. At first I didn’t notice the roar until I walked around the side. For me this represents voice, not the inner chatter, but the roar of ‘hey, this is what I want.’ I work with brilliant people who want more, and better. And this image depicts

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Connecting in a Disconnected World

A Brief Overview: Loneliness at work refers to the sense of isolation and disconnection that individuals may experience within the context of their work / business environment. I’m noticing that more of my clients, peers and the questions in the people community is searching for belonging, authenticity, and vulnerability. Big hefty words, which look so easy on the outside, yet I know from conversations that

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