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What is Happy, for You?

It’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives, where we’ve nodded and agreed to something that we didn’t want to agree to. You’ve become so adept at working faster, keeping up with the juggling priorities, the opportunities, and the work coming in, that it’s become easy to use a small part of your brain to do these activities. Then you check

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The Look Model

The headlines of Jacinda Arden stepping down from her role truly hit the headlines. Being a leader – and a human – that has the courage to be open, kind, and stand by what’s right at that time, will always be open to interpretation. As Brene Brown said, “daring leaders must care for and be connected to the people they lead”. Yet often daring leaders

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3 words

Three words.

What3words automatically assigns a three-word address to any 3m x 3m square, on a grid of 57 trillion squares across the world. Co-founded by Jack Waley-Cohen and Chris Sheldrick, it’s designed to have a more usable coordinate system evolved from an early algorithm designed on a back of an envelope. Growing a business from a good idea to a commercially feasible one hold valuable lessons 

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Bringing your vision to life

There are so many new and exciting innovations in the world. Over Christmas I explored a few AI tools, to bring to life thoughts and metaphors. I’m really curious as to how these will evolve this year. Exploring these tools was so much fun. Because it helped me to say how others – including technology – interpreted my metaphor as how I was describing it.

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Navigating the in-between

How are you managing the in-between period? In-betweens happen more often than we think, and this in-between Christmas and New Year is a time you may find some quiet time, a space of not knowing what to do, or where you want to try and grab 5 minutes to yourself. Particularly when you feel like you desperately need some quiet time (yep, that’s me right

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A healing gift

As many people take a few weeks away from work today, tiredness seems to be the word of the month, and rather than a question, I’m sharing this powerful mantra with you. For some clients, I encourage the creation of a mantra, personal to them. For others, it’s a reminder of their No.1 value, or it’s their golden thread of who they are. Whatever it

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