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Bringing your vision to life

There are so many new and exciting innovations in the world. Over Christmas I explored a few AI tools, to bring to life thoughts and metaphors. I’m really curious as to how these will evolve this year. Exploring these tools was so much fun. Because it helped me to say how others – including technology – interpreted my metaphor as how I was describing it.

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Navigating the in-between

How are you managing the in-between period? In-betweens happen more often than we think, and this in-between Christmas and New Year is a time you may find some quiet time, a space of not knowing what to do, or where you want to try and grab 5 minutes to yourself. Particularly when you feel like you desperately need some quiet time (yep, that’s me right

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A healing gift

As many people take a few weeks away from work today, tiredness seems to be the word of the month, and rather than a question, I’m sharing this powerful mantra with you. For some clients, I encourage the creation of a mantra, personal to them. For others, it’s a reminder of their No.1 value, or it’s their golden thread of who they are. Whatever it

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What do you want?

What do you want? Most people will answer with – I don’t know, ooh tough question, mmmm let me think. This is what my business/team/boss/family wants. Then it lands. And the response often is a swell of emotion. That feeling that runs through your body and the rush of words or emotion comes out in some shape or form – laughter, tears, powerful words. Then

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Time, After Time.

Time. There never seems to be enough time. You have too much to do crammed into the amount you have. You have no idea where it all goes. Yet there it is, ticking by. You check your watch. Still time. Just about. Running from one thing to the next. Time. Sound familiar? I recognise that you probably barely have time to read this article –

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I am what I choose to become

I am what I choose to become I smiled yesterday when my son and I walked into this shop. Our first reaction was WOW! The colours were incredible – what you cannot see in this picture was the whole shop filled with Christmas gifts – baubles, bears, shapes and boxes of chocolate. But it was the colours. And the shiny paper. And then my son

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