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I am what I choose to become

I am what I choose to become I smiled yesterday when my son and I walked into this shop. Our first reaction was WOW! The colours were incredible – what you cannot see in this picture was the whole shop filled with Christmas gifts – baubles, bears, shapes and boxes of chocolate. But it was the colours. And the shiny paper. And then my son

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The Gift of No-vember Practice

Each November, I reflect on the year to guide me into the next year. I used to make lots of firm plans but I prefer ease and flow, that’s guided with a clear intention, and I thought I would share my journey. From the start of November, I reflect on the year in three broad categories: – life, – leadership, – and business. First –

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Distractions are fool’s gold.

If like me, you’ve spent some time fossiling, you may have come across fool’s gold, otherwise known as pyrite. It’s a mineral found in rocks and looks like gold, but it is not a valuable metal. Last year, we found some superb examples of pyrite on washed up driftwood. For a split second, as it’s glistening in the sunshine, my son and I got a

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Infinite Possibilities

I don’t believe in coincidences but I do believe in synchronicity. Importantly, the more courageous we are in listening to ourselves and to others, we build those connections to make sense of what we are thinking and saying. Today an image came up in my coaching practice of standing on the edge and the feeling of space all around. Then I saw an article ‘𝐓𝐡𝐞

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What’s pushing your buttons?

When the original electric push button was invented in the late 19th Century, people were freaked out. It sparked a wow! yet people were anxious about this new invention that connected electricity, a device, and a human. There were mechnical buttons beforehand on instruments, levers and typewriters but this new electric push button was a social transformation. People thought that thinking and skills would be

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Are you a courageous listener?

Every interaction you have causes you to pay attention. Are you paying attention to the things that matter to the person talking to you? And then what about you? How are you being present? How are you listening, ? Words invoke many emotions and thoughts. They can move you to tears or move you to action. And if you feel or think any of this,

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