Roar //

On my walk to facilitate a meeting, I came across this war memorial.

A truly majestic statue.

At first I didn’t notice the roar until I walked around the side.

For me this represents voice, not the inner chatter, but the roar of ‘hey, this is what I want.’

I work with brilliant people who want more, and better.

And this image depicts just that.

Conversations, where leaders and executives say to me,

▪️Can I share my thoughts?
▪️Will you judge me?
▪️Is it wrong to say, I don’t agree?
▪️This is what I really want, can you help me?


This isn’t my future, it’s theirs. And this is their space.

I cannot tell you how many people – at all levels – tell me they don’t have that space to meaningful discuss a project, their ideas, and contribute.

This is where we’ve gone wrong.

This is the humanity we need to change.

Find the courage to allow the space for creative contribution and you will be astonished at the transformation.

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