One of the most common responses I have to people is, why not?

Us humans love to talk ourselves out of doing things.

A business. A promotion. A job. A purchase. That conversation. The new purchase.

Have you ever asked yourself why you do this?

When I was younger I learned the violin. I always wanted to be a stage performer but if you’ve read any of my posts previously you’ll know I’m an introvert at heart AND a high achiever. Two things, I didn’t enjoy people watching me and I stopped doing things that I didn’t believe I was 100% good at. And it’s a pattern throughout my life that requires conscious effort from me to notice when that’s happening.

I have a dear friend who wants to make people happy all of the time. Constantly keeping busy and doing things – caring, cooking, helping others, exercising, looking after other people’s children. The funny thing is that she habitually says can I help, and then doesn’t have enough time to do the things when people say yes.

These are examples that you may or may not notice in you or others. But here’s the thing – they all show up in some shape or form.

This week, ask yourself – when do you talk yourself out of doing something?

Don’t analyse it, write the things down that you have stopped yourself from doing – in the last month.

Then ask yourself why – be radically honest with yourself – do not beat yourself up over it.

Recognise it. Learn from it.

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