Do you remember the time when you were trying to solve a problem and the more you stared at the page, the harder it was.

It’s often a case of being too close to something to be able to see it. And then that problem happens again, and in your mind, it’s you that has a problem.

You mention it to your manager, you might ask to go on a training course to fix that problem, or you may resign yourself to not being good enough.

People spend a hell of alot of money trying to fix their lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, and more.

That experience you felt when you couldn’t do something, becomes the universal truth for you. These beliefs get added into your ‘backpack’ (metaphorically speaking) that you carry it around with you.

Now when you focus on these too much, they become the focus and you either act in a way to cover these up so you don’t get found out, or you retreat and become quieter.

Either way, they become your echo chamber. And the longer you’re around it without being fuller aware and noticing this emotional response, the longer you can’t see the lies and bullshit.

Remember this, when you are acting in a way that isn’t you, or hiding from the stage. We all carry something with us borne from a past experience, that’s what makes us human. The opportunity is to recognise it, keep working on it, and focus on the future you want. One step and one conversation at a time.

p.s. I used to do the latter (okay sometimes it still happens, but I continue to work on it!).