At the end of the summer holidays, we naturally shift into the new season. In the UK we experienced a false autumn because of the drought. All the greenery we would ordinarily see is under stress and nature is retreating to conserve and preserve it’s life.

Many years ago I worked with a CEO who was always desperate for vacation. His holiday was scheduled at the same time throughout the year and he was literally crawling towards it, every single time. He was exhausted. He was relying on booked holiday time to rest and refresh – this is not a sustainable habit. So let’s rework this for you.

I encourage you to know when you need to have a rest. As you recognise those moments, you will also start to recognise the things that no longer fill you with positive energy.

How will you maintain that feeling you have of rest and refresh post vacation?

Start here:

  1. Write down how you feel.
  2. Write down who you were with.
  3. Write down where you went.
  4. Notice the smells, colours, food, and jot those down on a piece of paper.
  5. Use colours, images and photos if you have them.

This is your post-holiday mood board.

Even if you only had one day off doing something you loved, follow these five steps.

Capture the moment and pin it up somewhere. Take a photo for your phone, use it as a screensaver, stick it up on a noticeboard.

It’s well known that happiness drives high performance, and one of the best ways is to remember the happy times you have, and what fills you with energy.

Enjoy the exercise.

Image: ResearchDoodles

Photo: Javier Allegue Barros, Unsplash

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