Is to invest in you.

Sounds really simple, right?

I hear you say, but that sounds so crazy, of course I invest in myself!

Do you? Do you agree to do that every day? Do you manage your time or manage your energy and focus?

A few years ago, a former mentor introduced the concept of a personal agreement. Now it’s something I have for my future, and how building an intentional future is my agreement. It’s how I know my purpose, how I show up, the values I hold dearly, and what’s important.

These agreements will be personal to you.

The One Day Contract by Rick Pitino (baseball coach), wrote a book for himself and his team before the start of their championship season. The idea is to consider that every minute of every day can create value.

An agreement could be set in the morning.

It could be an agreement that helps you maximise your life and potential for that day.

It could be how you show up that day.

All of these agreements are there to help you manage your energy and focus (💡tip: It’s not about managing your time).

Your agreement or positive affirmation that you have right now, could be “I deserve to live life to my fullest”, or “I believe in myself”. Or how about “I will agree that life is good”.

Yet is that specific enough that you agree with it?

You’d be surprised at how many people struggle with this, so now is the time to set that agreement now and going forward. It’s a focus that you can start today.

What difference does an agreement make?

I hear from many successful people who struggle behind the scenes, thinking that if they put their head down, find a new job, feel trapped, or question if their hard work is worth the personal sacrifice. People who cannot even comprehend their future when they are focussed on getting through the next few weeks and months. Many times they are caught in an agreement with their deliverable for others, as opposed to an agreement with themselves.

What’s your No. 1 agreement for 2024?

Get started today. Play with it, have some fun with it, and try it out.

Ask yourself these questions every day:

How do I want to show up today?

How do I want to feel at the end of the day?

When do I recognise that I am happy and being as I want to be?

And to help you, here’s my agreement.

I, Juliet Morris, agree to build an intentional future, for me, my family, and those I work with. I will be quietly courageous, curious, and gently challenging to build a future with conscious impact for now and the next generation. I will manage my focus and energy on doing the things that I love and I will practice this everyday. And today will be a small step towards that.

Ultimately, you agree to create a future you want, whatever that future looks like for you. And you do this by taking one tiny step to sustainable success.

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