What’s your default mood when you are suddenly stopped in flow of what you are doing?

Yesterday, I was travelling with my son on the A34 to my parents and suddenly we stopped. We were 15 minutes away. Initially we thought it was the usual busyness due to the stop start nature. Then we didn’t move for 20 minutes. That 20 minutes turned into 2 hours 30 minutes and we realised our best plans to have a nice lunch with them were delayed.

This is representative of what ‘normal’ has been like the past few years. Life goes swimmingly until we get stuck, something significant happens – often not by our own intention, or is that true?

Time is an illusion and constraints are constructed by our own thinking.

For most of us, flow is normal. It’s effortless, we do things by experience. Things that we have learned that has worked and hasn’t. It’s why coaching, mentoring and reversing mentoring is powerful. Why today, we are living in multi-generational workforces for the first time. Where we can all learn from each other and evolve.

And that’s the point here.

Evolving. Evolution is about the small tiny steps we take.

In times of stress and tension, it’s easy for our brains to flip to:

– Run!
– Oh no, not again.
– I will survive!
– Blame game.
– Escape
– The heat is on

You may recognise these words as pieces of music. Words that run through minds when things get tough. We put on our headphones, blast out the words, go to the gym, and work it out.

But how would it be if you flipped how you thought in times of stress and tension?

Here are two ways I found that have helped (and it’s a work in progress!):

1. Be present. Breathe deep into your belly, then breathe into your chest, then breathe in through your nose and breathe out slowly – 3 levels of breathing (great to do if you want to feel more energetic). This allows all those chemicals to slow down in your brain. Then you look around you. What do you see? How do you feel?

2. Put on some music that helps you to flourish – not to ‘get through’. What music makes you happy and smile? What music will give you wings – that feeling that you can shape your future – over the next 90 days?

Help yourself, to help your teams, peers and family to show up proactively and you’ll see a difference.

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