I’ve just come back from a few nights away with my son. It was a very last minute booking. I panicked a bit as I couldn’t find what I wanted. You know the amazing thing you have in your head, and you want it to be so much fun. And I knew that my saboteurs were getting in the way – the heavy burden of wanting it to BE everything.

But guess what, it was fun!

We played crazy golf, laughed at those mirrors that create more than one of you (scary!), did the Easter Egg trails, vintage old penny machines – the original Sega ones and more.

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This was happiness. Being in the moment, and having fun. The kinda fun that makes you laugh and not caring who was watching.

Happiness is the choice – your choice – to do and be whatever you want.

And please know that it is possible to get unhappiness in check.

I love seeing my clients keep their unhappiness in check and not only that, see that happiness is their choice to shape their future. It’s their life – their career – their dream – their vision.

One client went from running her own successful business to realising that she missed working in-house and landed her dream job travelling the world.

Another is working on his longer-term vision of creating a glamping business.

What’s your favourite flavour of unhappiness, that’s stopping you BE happy?

The only magic cure is recognising that everyone has these thoughts – limiting beliefs, blockers, saboteurs – whatever you call them, it’s possible to switch to happiness and shape your future consciously and with purpose.

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