Where are you leading from?

A Brief Overview:

  • ‘It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those you love generously know’, Maya Angelou.
  • Sit, stand, be still for one minute, and breathe.
  • Leadership takes courage because it starts with you.

Where are you leading from?

I was listening to a mentor last week who said “I know what I want and I know what my values are. What does it take to elevate others without compromising on yourself”.

Bam. When you listen with all of your senses and being, you hear a message that packs a punch.

And it led me to draw the points below.

For most of us, we lead from the head. Getting stuff done towards the goal. Because it should be done. It has to be done. We’ve been asked to do it.

I know this. And most of the time I have it in check. Here’s how it shows up in me:

As an overthinker and someone who wants the best for people, I get drawn into the world of possibilities. I’m conscious of this curiosity draws me into rabbit holes. And then everything gets caught in my head.

I’ve learned how to drop that goal into my heart and my soul, to check that I am truly aligned. I often use the flip-switch or use flip-it cards with clients (or the f* it bucket). Because it’s important to understand your regrets, the worse, or the other side of those regrets – and that’s when you spin it back into your heart and soul. That’s when you realise you can have anything you want if you can think it AND feel it.

Deep stuff? Perhaps. Particularly for a corporate girl like me. But, I promise you that during your life, work, and business, you have led with heart and soul, with full intention. You may have just forgotten about it.

Three Things:

1. Next Thursday 16 March at 1pm UK timezone – You’re Invited.

I’m going to share this model with you in a live Zoom. It’s a masterclass to help you identify where you are leading from plus some others tools, tips and coaching to help you build an intentional future for you. Book your complimentary ticket here.

2. Your personal values matter. Pick 3-5 and sit with them for a week.

3. Read The Power of Regrets by Daniel Pink. Learn how to flip your regrets into positive action. Come along next Thursday and we’ll cover this.

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