You are a leader

of yourself, your family, your teams and your business. 

Do you feel an inner pressure to keep this up?


You are successful

and inspire those around you.  

Do you want more?

You aren’t living *your* dream

despite what it looks like, on the inside those dreams are someone else’s.

What is YOUR dream?

You are wondering

what else there is.  

Could your idea – your dream – be a reality?

You spin plates

and you’re secretly terrified of dropping one and letting people down.

You are a high performer

and that performance drives you, you want to achieve even greater things.

You think of others

and often before yourself.  

Could you do more for them if you invested in you?

You are rewarded

financially and in prestige for your success, but that creates huge pressure on performance.

You care

about others.  And sometimes that’s tiring, not because you don’t want to care but because it feels lonely. 

Who supports you?

…and the real kicker?

You don’t ask for help

because being independent works for you, right?  

Except when it doesn’t and things get really tough.

If any of this resonates with you